Birgitta Lindman
Birgitta Lindman


4 employees that really changed SAS

In the 70 years that SAS has been flying travelers around the world, there have been many magical moments, each of which has been shaped by the people who have worked for SAS. Here are some of these people.

Poster by Otto NielsenOtto Nielsen

Painter Otto Nielsen helped give SAS its style. In the 47 years he worked for SAS, Nielsen designed 40-style SAS posters and 26 calendars, all with different travel themes. His last assignments included a wall decoration at the Danish Air Museum in Billund and a joint SAS/Tivoli poster for the famous Danish amusement park, which was made for its 150th jubilee. 

Erik Ejsenhardt

Erik Ejsenhardt was in charge of the SAS dessert menu for 35 years. The Head Chef’s specialty was sweet figures baked in marzipan and chocolate. The year that SAS decided to serve cloudberry cake to their passengers in First Class, Ejsenhardt bought three tons of cloudberries – every cloudberry that was picked in Scandinavia that season!


Birgitta LindmanByron S. Cramblet

Swedish flight attendant Birgitta Lindman made history in 1958 when she appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine’s special aviation edition. Lindman beat flight attendants from 53 other airlines for the privilege. This was a huge PR coup for SAS. In the magazine, Lindman spoke about life as a stewardess and surprised many by revealing that it was not all about glamour.

Byron S. Cramblet

On September 17, 1946, the first SAS aircraft with passengers onboard took off. Pilot Byron S. Cramblet sat in the cockpit. He worked for ABA (a Swedish airline that later became a part of SAS) and he trained throughout 1946 flying test flights to New York until September when he had the honor of maneuvering the first ever SAS commercial flight.




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