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Apps and sites to make your travel easier

Everyone needs a little bit of help at times. These apps and sites will help you get a smoother and easier trip.

Elk currency converter
It can sometimes be hard to find an easy-to-use, functional, yet simple currency converter. The Elk App delivers on this, with a clean interface and quick access to all the currencies you could want. Perfect for converting on-the-go as you wander around town.

Google Translate
The latest Google Translate App is a pretty incredible thing, with its ability to take photos of text in a foreign language and convert that text within the photo to your own tongue. It’s not perfect, but it’s great at a pinch, especially in places with foreign scripts. 

Many alternatives to the TripIt app have popped up over the years, but one of the original heavy-hitter Apps for organizing your travel info is still pretty much the best. Tripit can scan your emails and incorporate flights, hotel reservations and more, and compile them into an easy to reference timeline that also works offline. You can even use it to check flight status.

Hotel Tonight
This App is great for spontaneous travelers as it pulls together last-minute hotel availability often at great discounts. Can be fun to use for a staycation in your hometown, too.

Great Circle Mapper
A simple tool that’s also fun for geography and flight buffs, you can plug in any series of flight segments using airport codes and see what the standard great circle route between them looks like, and how long it is. For those who like to tinker and go full geek, there are lots more advanced features, too. Useful for working out what a potential flight routing will look like – how out of the way is that connection really?

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