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How travel helps make your career fly

If you think taking time off from work to travel will hurt your climb up the career ladder think again. A recent survey says that employers see those who travel – particularly young people – as having more of the following qualities.


People who travel tend to be driven by a desire to see the world through new eyes and to experience how other people live. Being curious requires imagination, which, for a lot of today’s employers, is a key requirement.


Navigating a completely unknown destination takes a certain kind of confidence – you have no one to rely on but yourself. This shows employers that you’re independent and can figure things out without someone holding your hand the whole way. 


Delayed flights, lost passports, hotels that aren’t quite what you expected – travel often involves the unexpected. Dealing with it successfully is a great indicator of how you handle stress – and tells employers you won’t fall apart the first time your computer crashes.


Planning a trip can often be complicated, requiring research, budgeting and a host of other skills, all of which come in handy on the job. Employers know that planning a trip – particularly a large one –  involves a lot of organization, a skill they value. 


New experiences stimulate the brain in unique ways and studies link this to a higher IQ and increased creativity. What boss wouldn’t love this in an employee?


When interviewing for a job we often say we’re a “people person,” and if you travel this is likely to be true. All that practice meeting new people and interacting in new situations means you’ll be less ­awkward when dealing with clients or ­colleagues.


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