Rickard Gustafson, President & CEO, SAS Group
Rickard Gustafson, President & CEO, SAS Group


Pioneers in the air for 70 years

Rickard Gustafson, President & CEO of SAS Group shares some news about the future of SAS.

Dear traveler,

First of all, I want to extend a warm welcome onboard. This month, SAS celebrates 70 years as Scandinavia’s preferred airline. This special edition of Scandinavian Traveler will take you through some of the highlights in our history.

Through the decades, we have launched the world’s first around-the-world service, in-flight entertainment system, tourist class and sleeper seats. We were the first airline to offer separate check-in and lounges, and we hired the first female pilot. We were also first to implement green approaches, saving aircraft fuel and reducing emissions. These historic examples have paved the way to where we stand today, focusing on making life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers. We are currently investing in new innovations and smart digital solutions to make travel an easier, faster and more personal experience.

SAS Labs is developing some radical new ideas and innovations for the future of travel, from airplane boarding passes embedded in your skin to smart, personalized bag tags. This fall, all of our cabin crew will be equipped with cabin crew devices. These iPad Minis will make their work easier and help them to give SAS travelers even better service. The devices will make it possible to check such things as the status of luggage transfers, flight connections and EuroBonus membership information.

Making life easy for our travelers involves features like our upgraded SAS Lounges, our new SAS Café Lounges and recently opened SAS City Lounge in Stockholm, as well as SAS Fast Track. EuroBonus, our customer loyalty program, was founded in 1992 and now has more than 4.5 million members. EuroBonus will soon undergo one of its biggest improvements to give back more to our frequent travelers. It will be easier to earn points, use points and get away on that well deserved award trip, or use points at our EuroBonus partners.

The numerous milestones in SAS’s 70-year history are made up of countless unique travel stories, a large number of aircraft, routes, crew and not to mention – uniforms. The uniform designers have varied throughout the decades, but the SAS uniform has always been the center of attention for the billions of SAS travelers. Keep an extra eye on our crew in September when we celebrate SAS’s birthday by introducing brand new flight crew uniforms.

We’re convinced that financially sustainable operations require social and environmental responsibility. Work on sustainability issues contributes to value creation and competitiveness in a variety of ways, both for SAS and our travelers. SAS’s environmental vision is to be a part of a long-term sustainable society. We believe that it should be possible to fly with no fossil fuel CO2 emissions by 2050. We take our responsibility seriously and ­despite the turbulent civil aviation market in recent years, our focus remains strong on maintaining our commitment to sustainable aviation. Some of our main focus areas right now are biofuel, fuel efficiency measurements, green flights, and a new more fuel-efficient fleet. From where we stand today as we look into the future, we’re always pushing ourselves to come up with new ideas.

During the last few years we have invested in our largest intercontinental expansion to and from US and Asia. We recently added exciting cities such as Chinese Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Boston and Miami to our network and we look forward to welcoming you onboard to enjoy our new cabins, now on our entire long-haul fleet. Take my word for it: they are world-class!

We’ve been part of a billion unique travel stories, and there are many more to come. Thank you for flying SAS and enjoy your flight with us.


Rickard Gustafson

President & CEO, SAS Group

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