Umami in Harstad is one of two restaurants in the North Norway in White Guide. Photo: Ana Laws / Visit Harstad
Umami in Harstad is one of two restaurants in the North Norway in White Guide. Photo: Ana Laws / Visit Harstad

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4 restaurants in North Norway that are worth the trip

The harsh climate enables the far north of Norway to produce world class products such as reindeer, cod, berries and mushroom,” says Kim-Håvard Larsen, one of the owners of the fantastic Umami restaurant in Harstad. He recommends the following restaurants to get your taste buds purring.


Mathallen, Tromsø

Stepping into Mathallen in Tromsø is a delight. It is down to earth and unpretentious. You can order local products, such as herring and various kinds of dried fish. They serve both lunch and dinner and have a deli counter where you can buy local meat, fish and cheeses

Mathallen, Tromsø

Grønnegata 60, 9008 Tromsø

Restaurant Smak in Tromsø has had very good reviews. Photo: Lars Åke Andersen

Restaurant Smak, Tromsø

This restaurant run by Espen and Eva-Linda Ramnestedt, has taken Tromsø by storm. Lauded by restaurant critics, the restaurant went straight into the White Guide Nordic. The menu features dishes such as veal from Balsfjord, local lamb and fish plus a selection of wines.

Restaurant Smak,

Skippergata 16B, 9008 Tromsø

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Four to six course menus starting from Nkr695. Wine selections start from Nkr695.

De 4 roser, Harstad

Restaurant De 4 Roser offers delicious food in an informal setting and is listed in the White Guide Nordic.

De 4 roser

Torvet 7b, 9405 Harstad

They serve four to six-course menus. Starting from Nkr754. Wine selections start from Nkr1,316

Trasti og Trine, Alta

Johnny Trasti and Trine Lyrek in Finnmark will take you on a dogsled trip to enjoy surf and turf specialties such as reindeer, king crab, elk, mountain hare and bear. With charming consideration given to sourcing their produce. You can also take a course on preparing such local delicacies here. And if you're in no rush, you can also stay overnight.

Trasti og Trine, Alta

Gargiaveien 29, 9518 Alta

A three-course menu starts from Nkr705.

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