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6 local Dalmatian dishes to try in Split

From Ćevapčići to fresch caught fish. Here's what you have to try when you're in Split. Including where to go to make sure to get the best version of the dish.

Crni rižot(black risotto) is simple but delicious – pitch-black rice with chunks of cuttlefish, and colored by cuttlefish ink, which gives it its unique flavor. It’s so popular in Dalmatia you will find it on the menu at almost every konoba(traditional tavern).

Here are 6 other dishes you have to try in Split:

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Octopus salad

Octopus chunks, diced onion, tomato, capers and olives, in olive oil, lemon and chopped parsley, served chilled. Try it at Re di Mare.

Re di Mare

21000, Lučica 4, Split

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Škampi na buzaru

Fresh shrimps, flashed in a pan with olive oil, garlic, parsley and wine, to make a delicious rich sauce. Try it at Konoba Varos.

Konoba Varos

Ban Mladenova 9, Split

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Fresh fish

Your waiter will show you a platter of fresh fish, priced by the kilogram – probably gilthead bream, sea bass, John Dory and red mullet, depending on the previous night’s catch. Choose the fish you want, and it’ll be grilled and served with olive oil and lemon. Try it at Konoba Fetivi.

Konoba Fetiv

Tomica Stine 4. Split

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This old-fashioned fish casserole can be made with anything from monkfish to octopus, slow-cooked in onion, tomato and wine, and served with polenta. Like black risotto, it originates from Venice. Try it at Villa Spiza.

Villa Spiza

Kružićeva 3, Split

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One of Dalmatia’s rare meat dishes, pasticada is a hearty stew (chunks of beef cooked in prunes and wine) served with gnocchi. Another Venetian specialty.Try it at Konoba Lucac.

Konoba Lucac

Photo: Bernd Juergens


These tasty rissoles, made from minced meat and onion, are a Bosnian specialty, popular throughout former-Yugoslavia. They’re served take-away, in a somun (flat bread) with chopped onion and ajvar (a preserve made from egg plant and peppers).Try them at Kantun Paulina.

Kantun Paulina

Matošića 1, 21000 Split

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