Gadgets for a smooth trip

Traveling is usually fun. But sometimes it can be stressful. Make your life easier on your next trip with one of these smart gadgets.

With the EWA Switch, you’ll never again need to worry that you’ve left the TV, lights or even the iron on. It allows you to turn your appliances on or off from your phone. The WiFi Smart Switch also enables you to program timers for your applicances on your phone and set room temperatures as well as much more. Once you’ve started using the Ewa Switch, it’s hard to live without it.

Late-night bookworms needn’t feel bad about bothering fellow travelers with the Recharge Book Light from Mighty Bright. Continuous dimming allows you to select the exact brightness you want and its precision ­engineered optical grade lenses are specifically designed to ­distribute a wide field of ­consistent lighting with no hard edges. Its internal battery is fully charged after one hour, ­providing up to 60 hours of ­illumination at its lowest setting and 10 hours at its highest.

Scandinavians need never worry again about where they can enjoy a sauna while away from home. The Tourmaline Pro ­Portable Sauna With Ceramic Heater from Frizone has four heating panels (two at the back, one on each side), a heated footpad and a ceramic fan heater located under the chair. It’s an ideal travel accessory as saunas can help reduce muscular aches and sprains, improve circulation and fitness levels and relax the body and mind. 

Have you ever been in that embarrassing situation where you need to charge your phone at the airport but don’t want to rummage through your dirty laundry to find your charger? That won’t be a problem with the Thule Subterra PowerShuttle, a travel case for organizing and transporting electronic ­devices. You can put portable chargers, cords and accessories in a variety of secure pockets and charge ­devices while on the go.

Speaking of dirty clothes, the Scrubba Wash Bag could be just the thing for that last-­minute-nothing-clean-left-to-wear ­panic. It’s a pocket-size washing ­device that allows you to clean clothes anywhere. Just add some water and a drop of washing liquid, seal tight, rub for three minutes on the internal flexible washboard and then rinse. It’s super lightweight too, adding less than 145g to your luggage.


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