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Annie Thorisdottir’s Reykjavik

Annie Thorisdottir is fiercely proud of Iceland and what the country has to offer. Here are her favorites from the capital city.


Photo: Glo

Eat fast and well

"Glo is a fantastic place for healthy fast-ish food. I eat there almost every day."


Laugavegur 20b, Reykjavik

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The coolest of museums

Perlan is a unique museum in an ice cave, with various exhibitions on glaciers and volcanoes, Plus, it offers a fantastic 360° panoramic view over the city.

Varmahlíð 1, Reykjavik

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Ice cream to die for

“Icelandic ice cream is the BEST. I recommend you try both the new and the old type at Vesturbæjarísbúið. One is more milk-based and the other creamier. You can either have a simple ice cream, or go the whole hog and have all sorts of Icelandic candy as toppings.”


Photo: Isey Skyr

Isey Skyr Bar

"When you’re in Iceland you have to taste skyr – and this is the place to do it. You get almost an acai bowl full here. You can also find different types in food stores. Healthy and delicious."

Isey Skyr Bar

N1 Station Borgartún, Reykjavik

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Meat or fish

“Fantastic atmosphere and brilliant meat dishes made from Icelandic lamb, the sushi is also really good.”

Sushi Social

Þingholtsstræti 5, 101, Reykjavik

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Photo: SALT Kitchen & Bar

Eat well

"SALT Kitchen & Bar is a great restaurant by the sea if you want wonderful views."

SALT Kitchen & Bar

Geirsgata 3, Reykjavik

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Lamb and fish specialties

Iceland is famous for lamb and fish. Everyone should try both when they are here. I recommend the following places: Sægreifinn, Kjotmarkaðurin and Fiskmarkaðurinn.

Keep fit

CrossFit Reykjavik+Esjan (CFR) is an obvious choice for training, naturally. If you like trips, Esjan is both good and close to Reykjavik.

CrossFit Reykjavik+Esjan

Faxafen 12, 108 Reykjavík, Reykjavik

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