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Discover hiking in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is more than just shopping and skyscrapers. In fact, there is a world of spectacular countryside just a stone’s throw from the city center, with a series of mountain trails offering some of the most stunning panoramas ever seen. Our chosen route takes us along the coastline of Sai Kung East Country Park, through lush tropical vegetation and breathtaking mountain and coastal views, before descending to discover Hong Kong’s deserted white-sand beaches.

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High Island Reservoir

The hike begins at the High ­Island Reservoir. Built in the 1970s on a formation of 14-million-year-old hexagonal volcanic rocks, this is one of Hong Kong’s most magnificent spots. The East Dam of the High Island Reservoir is the only part of Hong Kong’s famous Global Geopark that can be reached on foot and is the only place where you can actually touch the hexagonal rock columns.

Lo Tei Tun

Lo Tei Tun is the first peak on the hike. At 255m, this famous vantage point offers sweeping panoramic views from the High Island Reservoir all the way across the beaches far below.

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Tai Long Sai Wan

From Lo Tei Tun, the descent begins to the first deserted beach. While Tai Long Sai Wan is technically still part of Hong Kong, it feels like a different world with its white-powder sand and crystal-clear water. Once you arrive at the beach, you can either stay or trek a bit further to discover a hidden ­waterfall and rock pool.

Ham Tin Wan

The second beach on the hike is Ham Tin Wan. This is a great place to stop for a swim and have lunch. Hoi Fung Store is a traditional Hong Kong-style tea restaurant, with simple plastic outdoor furniture that overlooks the beach. The good news is that in Hong Kong, a tea restaurant is a place that serves ­noodles, fried rice and beer. What better way to set yourself up for an afternoon of hardcore hiking?

Check Keng

The hike continues into the valley, passing several small villages, before arriving in the hamlet of Check Keng. Founded more than 200 years ago by a group of Hakka villagers, this once-thriving community has been largely abandoned, but remains a popular destination to visit from Hong Kong. This is due in part to its heritage, as well as its beautiful natural surroundings, including seven different species of mangroves that grow along the shore here. From Check Keng, the final leg of the walk takes you over the hills with great views across the countryside towards mainland China.

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