Visit the world’s happiest countries

Once again, the Nordic countries top the list of happiest countries.Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Sweden, yet again all rank in the top seven in the world.

Each year, the UN network for sustainable development solutions, ranks countries by how happy the populations are. European countries in general often come high up the list, but what really stands out is how dominant the Nordic countries are, year after year.

In the 2019 list, Finland comes top, followed by Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Sweden ranks seventh, after The Netherlands and Switzerland.

So why not take the opportunity to head to one of the happiest places in the world?

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Finland in general – and Helsinki in particular – is famous for design and architecture. A visit to the capital city Helsinki, also has plenty more to offer in terms of culture, sightseeing and gastronomy.

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Copenhagen has been voted the world’s best travel destination many times. And quite rightly, too. Here, you’ll find everything for a wonderful holiday whether you come here with children, as a couple or with a group of friends.Enjoy the world class cafés and restaurants or cycle around the city, surrounded by beautiful buildings, both contemporary and historical.

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One reason why people living in Norway are amongst the happiest in the world can be the enchanting and amazing nature. Here you’ll find countless beautiful fjords that can give anyone’s Instagram account a genuine boost.If you’re more interested in a weekend of buzzing city life, Oslo, for example, would be an excellent choice.

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You’ll encounter nature on Iceland as you’ve never seen before. Geysers, glaciers, the Northern Lights and vast lava landscapes, to name just a few examples.The capital city of Reykjavik also has restaurants and a nightlife worth coming for in themselves.

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Long by narrow Sweden has something for everyone. From the big city pulse of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, to long hiking trails in the north.The capital city Stockholm is home to a lively mix of old and new.

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