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Where to eat and drink in Catania

From extraordinary seafood to local wines and pastries. Here is where you have to go if you're hungry in Catania.

Photo: Gran Caffeé del Duomo

Fair on the square

The perfect place to start the day is in the early morning sun, in front of the beautiful cathedral of Saint Agatha, at the Gran Caffeé del Duomo. Not that it isn’t convenient for breaks, drinks and meals later on, as well. €2.25 for a delicious cappuccino sipped on the main square is no robbery, ­either.

Gran Caffeé del Duomo

Piazza Duomo 11–13, Catania

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Photo: Clément Morin

Seafood lovers’ delight

You'll find many very good seafood restaurants around the fish market, obviously. At Mm!! the fare includes delicious grilled prawns, tuna and swordfish. These are must-try treats for any seafood lover visiting Catania.

Mm!! Trattoria

Via Pardo 34, Catania

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Photo: Clément Morin

Smile n’ wine

Round off a great day of sightseeing with a glass of local Etna Rosso, delicious Marsala dessert wine or other good choices at this tiny but totally authentic and charming wine bar. You can order a glass from one of the barrels or buy a liter bottle to-go for just €2. We were served by the owner’s 76-year-old father, who was all smiles. Visiting this place was a warm and wonderful experience.

Hosteria No. 2 Vini Sfusi

Via Riccardo da Lintini 17, Catania

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Photo: A Putia Dell'Ostello

A 24/7 cave

You'll enjoy a hearty welcome at A Putia Dell'Ostello, a friendly, informal restaurant and bar with tables indoors and out. Open 24/7, it features live concerts and DJ sets on weekends. The spectacular part is the basement, situated in a cave where the River Amenano runs underground beneath your feet. Just want to visit the cave? There’s a €1 fee.

A Putia Dell'Ostello

Piazza Curro 1, Catania

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Corner eating

Located under the curved arches of Piazza Mazzini between Piazza Duomo and Castello Ursino, Vecchi Sapori exudes an ancient-world atmosphere – particularly late at night. Lunch buffet and dinner are served indoors and out.

Trattoria I Vecchi Sapori Da ­Maurizio

Piazza Mazzini 6, Catania

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